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Tom McCallum

Occasionally I dip into Seth Godin’s daily posts and select one to share. Last week he wrote the one below, where he notes:

“It turns out that the people with the potential to benefit the most from a coach are often the most hesitant precisely because of what coaching involves. Talking about our challenges. Setting goals. Acknowledging that we can get better.”

One constant I see in so many areas of life is that people are either ready, or not ready. My choice is to only work with people who are ready, ready to grow, improve, get better, all so…

#OpenLeadership is the secret to linking the new way of thinking about vision, strategy and leadership to deliver on strategy over time.

I started my day yesterday with an early morning bike ride

Two days ago, as it has been for nearly a week, the temperature where I live crept up to nearly 30c (88f), with not a breath of wind and very high humidity. Ok, so 30c in cayman is an average day, and I never suffered in the heat there for decades, but hey, Cayman has air conditioning and fans. London?. Nope. Now, as my working day went on, I knew I’d booked myself into a group bike ride for 6:30 that evening.

Around 5 pm I stopped and thought about doing that ride. As The Specials would say: TOO HOT…

Operating Principles of the Santa Fé Institute — written by Comac McCarthy

In a step by step methodology to build valuation in a company, I use an established model to raise the benchmark multiple for companies that is a seven-step process. This works best, fastest, most smoothly when the steps are followed in order, with each one having a documented strategy that is then implemented. Yes, by documented I mean written down, by implemented I mean carefully and thoroughly taken from strategy to execution.

It may not surprise you that many businesses, in their rush forwards, skip some of these steps, then end up having to “retrofit” fit them later. …

Diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging
Diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging

In November 2019, I attended an event outside London called BaseCamp. At this event, attended by around 100 people from a number of countries, we each selected a group to work within where we would focus on a particular global issue. I chose to be part of the group (facilitated by my friend Kay Scorah, who can hear as a past guest on WhatComesNextLive here ). Our group focussed on Diversity and Inclusion.

It was a wonderful two days, within which the most powerful part was towards the start. We spent quite some time seeking to agree on the definition…

In an earlier post, I wrote:

Up until about my late 30s, I took pride in saying “yes” to opportunities, absolutely filling my time relentlessly with variety and quantity of work. I used to call myself a “specialist generalist” as indeed I worked in so many countries, types and sizes of businesses that I do feel I could effectively contribute to a massive variety of roles and businesses almost anywhere. …

Yesterday I wrote: “Working with (your) nature”, talking about adapting to nature and the seasons, as well as being aware of and working with our own nature, noting that I often work with clients: “on their physical performance through awareness of their own nature then some often simple shifts and changes around core areas such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, natural pace”.

No sooner did I write yesterday’s post than I saw this graphic shared online, leading me to the twitter account LizandMollie, which is full of graphics. As they put it “An affectionate look at the emotions of work”.


This weekend in London it is HOT, likely around 30c peak temperatures. Hey, I love it, and it is important to work with it in this country with little or no air conditioning! As an example of working with it, I’m writing this on Saturday, as at 8 am Sunday morning (when this daily post goes out) I will be mid-way through a long bike ride and will have got up before 6 am and headed out by 6:30 am in order to enjoy the cooler part of the day.

Of course, it gets light here before 5 am at…

Whilst I froze my Facebook account in 2016, I do still visit occasionally to keep up to date with the goings-on of friends and family, particularly back in Cayman, where it still seems widely used. The other day it popped up a “memory” for me of a post from a client back in 2011 who acknowledged me for saying to them (thank you, David Kirkaldy!):

“slow down to speed up later. It works”

For more than a decade this has been one of the most commonly repeated for me to clients and others seeking to create real change for themselves…

Tom McCallum

Sounding Board for Leaders seeking to go from Good to Great to Elite to World Class. Daily posts here, or

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