Are you ready for #OpenLeadership?

Tom McCallum
8 min readFeb 11, 2021

#OpenLeadership is the secret to linking the new way of thinking about vision, strategy and leadership to deliver on strategy over time.

#BeMoreYou #OpenLeadership

“How long from when you put your Strategic Plan into action until it is not worth the paper it is written on?”

In 2016 I asked this question of 25 leaders around the world. The average and median answers? Six months. SIX MONTHS!

Most “Strat plans” are for a period of either 3 or 5 years, takes hundreds or thousands of hours from key people to develop over several months, and then they are “not worth the paper they are written on” in six months? Yes.

So what is a leader to do? My answer for you is, if you are ready, to embrace #OpenLeadership.

In this article I will show you what I see as the path, then, as it says on the home page, when you are ready to start the jounery, talk to me.

What is #OpenLeadership?

#OpenLeadership is the secret to linking the new way of thinking about vision, strategy and leadership so that business, organisations and their people and communities create, deliver on strategy over time and so thrive and helps other thrive.

So, what is #OpenLeadership? Let me break this into four parts

  1. Why is conventional Strategic Planning now obsolete?
  2. How to look at strategy and vision differently and in a way that lasts over time
  3. Rethinking what we mean by Leadership in order to deliver the Vision from the Strategy
  4. #OpenLeadership and why it is the key to all of this

1: The world moves so unthinkably fast that conventional Strategic Planning is now obsolete

One area of work for me for many years has been to support CEOs and Leadership Teams with coming together, aligning, setting their context, creating their vision, then strategy. However, over time the speed of change in the world, as well as the many “black swans” (see reference to Black Swans in…



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