Bravery: We had to do it

Tom McCallum
5 min readMar 4, 2020
Read to the end of the post to find out why I believe you can “Say Anything”
without it feeling brave, and why it matters in business

Yesterday I wrote a short post on the bravery of entrepreneurs, highlighted by the oft-repeated phrase entrepreneurs give when asked why they started their business: “I couldn’t not do it”.

This came from a focus on when an action is perceived by others as brave, but does not feel brave or courageous at all by the person taking that action.

In the case of entrepreneurs, the compulsion is normally centred around seeing a gap in the market and opportunity to fill that gap and potential to profit commercially from that.

Now, seeing a gap in the market can indeed be a powerful driver or compulsion to act and maintain strength and momentum to carry through an idea into a thriving entrepreneurial business.

However, to truly build a powerful and lasting business that has a sustainable impact for both the owners and team in the business as well as the broader community and world, a more powerful compulsion to act is always in play. This more powerful compulsion is often expressed on reflecting back to the beginnings of the business as something like: “we had to do it”.

We had to do it

So, if entrepreneurs feel compelled to conceive of, launch and develop their business based upon a market opening or gap they see needed to be filled, if their major drive is that there are revenues and profits to be made, then this drive and compulsion to act is often sufficient to build and maintain a thriving business.

Again, no matter how much risk is perceived by those outside, it may not feel brave at all to the entrepreneur.

Let’s now look at the next level of bravery where to act may seem even braver to outsiders but again may not feel brave or courageous at all to the person or people who feel compelled to act.

What I’m talking about here is when an individual or group feel compelled to act around a sense of Purpose, this more powerful compulsion is both an even more powerful driver than simply seeing a gap, but also far more likely to both drive high-growth and build and maintain a truly sustainable company.



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