Bye-bye Medium, please join me at

Tom McCallum
Jun 24, 2022


For well over four years I’ve posted daily on Medium, reposting from my own site, in order to share thoughts with a wider audience.

As you can see, my last post was on March 27th 2022 when I went “on pause” for major surgery.

Well, I came back with daily posts from May 3rd 2022 onwards, but have chosen to simplify a lot in life, and one of those areas is keeping my posts hosts simply on my site.

There are now around 1600 posts there, plus approaching 100 half-hour podcasts at under the theme #WhatComesNextLive

You can also subscribe to a twice-weekly digest email of posts if that suits you.

I thank Medium for extending the audience and I hope to see you on my site.



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