Get clear on the WHY and the V2MOM method

V2MOM Method: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures.


In working with business leaders, I encourage them to focus on the WHY, the Purpose, Vision, Values of the organisation, as these drive everything. If you search “get clear on the why” under you will find many articles on my site around the topic, including: “Get clear on the WHY and the HOW is easy

Now, Salesforce is a $20bn+ business that still, in some ways, acts like a start up, including through the consistent leadership or Marc Benioff, who often focusses on the WHY, from Purpose to Vision and beyond. One element I find fascinating is the V2MOM process that Marc Benioff uses for himself, particularly as it is now a big part of the Salesforce way.

Everybody in the company globally uses V2MOM, cascading down from the CEO’s own V2MOM to their own, relevant to where they are in the business and as an individual. To me, this is a form of what I call: “Cascading Leadership”. In addition to the fact that V2MOM is cascaded down and throughout Salesforce, I also love that they choose to make these transparent, so individual V2MOMs are visible to others in the business.

So, what is V2MOM? It is stunningly simple:

From that simplicity you can then develop your own V2MOM in the way that works for you.

Cascaded, transparent, flexible. All of this is how Salesforce runs V2MOM to drive the company forward (and they continue to grow stunningly fast!)

The Salesforce page on this is simple, clear and, I believe, amazingly powerful. Please read it.

My question to you. What about using this for yourself and your business? If so, what makes you say “yes”? If not, what makes you say “no” or “not yet”?

Whatever your thoughts on this, I would love to talk to you about them, please do feel good about booking a call with me for that.

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