Raise your expectations, there is no bar!

Tom McCallum
2 min readJan 24, 2021

As we move through this pandemic, I’m seeing more and more countries making comparisons to other countries. I’m very proud of my home country of Cayman and how well they have handled the pandemic, yet, with their immensely strong national Balance Sheet, I feel they (the Government, in collaboration with the private sector) could be much braver as a country in both making radical changes aimed at addressing such areas as structural inequality, as well as reshaping the whole economy to be a global green leader.

However, even though everyone in Cayman knows how much of a supported of the country I am, a recent response to such thoughts is typical: “Cayman is doing better than many, and yes there is room for improvement”. None of us will never achieve our full potential if we limit ourselves, and comparing ourselves to others is almost guaranteed to create limiting beliefs.

The photo above comes from an earlier post with a story referencing the statue of the pole vaulter, the point of which was: “The unconscious belief carried by the group was that there is a bar, a limit to what can be achieved. No, there is no bar”

If you are ready to be supported in removing the bar to your potential, my life purpose is #MakingPotentialPossible, as it says on my home page, my work is helping leaders Leverage Bravery, adding Authentic Insights to support you in making Meaningful Impact.

Raise your expectations, there is no bar.

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