What can I do today to build momentum?

Tom McCallum
2 min readJan 29, 2021
build momentum

Recently my friend, Leadership Coach Jeff Raker (part of the growing tribe of past guests on #WhatComesNextLive, his show here) and I were talking around two themes. One was around building momentum towards a goal, the other the power of visualising yourself at that point in the future where you have achieved your goal.

Jeff regularly creates short videos (typically around two minutes, as with this one) that ask a “Question for the Day”. I love this one from Jeff, which I’ve also transcribed for those who prefer to read.

How do you build momentum?

How do you build momentum for your people? How do you build momentum for yourself?

Hi, my name is Jeff Raker. Welcome to the question for today.

One of the aspects of my leadership coaching business is I work with sports teams, I work with athletes, as well as i work with business leaders and business teams.

It’s all about first learning how to lead yourself. This is vital to a world-class athlete. I have two athletes in mind, both swimmers, both seeking to make their respective countries Olympic team, one here in the US and one elsewhere, and it’s all about creating momentum.

I have to grow their momentum, they have to grow their momentum in order to keep focused and keep moving. It’s about celebrating little wins but it all starts with the picture of what they want to experience, how they want to carry themselves, every little detail about walking onto the deck in Tokyo.

So, I’ve asked them to paint that picture. What do they feel like? What are they thinking? What are they listening to on headphones? How are they carrying themselves? What are they thinking when they get ready to get on the blocks? What are they thinking? What are they sensing? What is going through their mind? What are they saying to themselves?

All of these details, and then what we’re doing is asking another question.

What can I do today to get me to that spot?

I gotta know where I’m going if I’m going to motivate myself today. This builds momentum.

How do you build momentum in your life? How do you build momentum for your people and for your company? How do you build momentum as an athlete as a coach for your people?

Level up your leadership with this question for today

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