What idea are you focussed on right now? — Tom McCallum

Tom McCallum
Mar 22, 2022

I am fuelled by connecting to people and ideas. When a friend asked me how they could help me and I shared that, they then asked “any themes of particular interest?” and I answered:

Shifting behaviour to accept lower returns for shareholders now in return for not just resilience but the opportunities of being anti-fragile.

This is a shift in mindset in our times of change and uncertainty.

Oh, and with the Arctic and Antarctic both over 20c above normal temperatures at the same time right now. Climate change feels like it is at a tipping point!

I found it valuable to turn my attention to what I am focussed on as themes right now, so sharing that question with you.

What idea are you focussed on right now?

Originally published at https://tommccallum.com on March 22, 2022.



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