Who is excited about “back to school”?

Tom McCallum
6 min readSep 1, 2020

So, today where I live (London) there is a definite “back to school” energy, as the symbolic public/bank holiday yesterday, Monday Aug 31st marked the end of the summer holiday/vacation period.

I even saw a queue of at least 15 people mid morning today outside a shop of a brand of children’s shoes, parents shopping at the last minute before primary schools head back. I Imagine some tend to wait until the last minute, others have that rhythm as part of their annual “back to school routine”.

What are different people actually feeling right now, though?

As a leader, whether that be as a parent of a student or as a leader in the workplace, as well as (critically) leading self, it is key to be aware of how those we have a leadership role with are actually feeling.

It might not be what you are feeling and it might not be what you expect them to feel.

Seeking to understand others is a key leadership attribute, so let’s explore a little so we can seek to listen to understand others and ourselves at this time.

Who is excited about “back to school”?

My post title question asked about who is excited. Let’s take that one first. So, what may people be feeling right now?

Starting with me, I am feeling excited. I always find the summer a little slow around business as people take time to recharge. I’ve also taken time to recharge too, so as we start September, I am raring to go, for activity to pick up and for me to do more and more of what I love, supporting brave and transformative leaders.

Also, my youngest son, aged 16, went through the tough period of schools closing in March, not being able to sit his external exams that determine whether or not he could enter the next stage of education (for him the final two years of school in the English system used in Cayman). After all of that, he did receive grades that gained him entry to the next stage in the course that he wants and, as he lives in Cayman where they have eliminated Covid-19, next week he is indeed excited to go back to school, to see his friends, to start to learn in a classroom again.

So, I’m excited, as will many others be, but I’m also always aware that some regard “back to school” less positively each year.

Is back to school an “up”, a “down” for you, or is it “mixed”?

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