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Tom McCallum

**Mar 15th 2021- Are you ready to be supported?
I work with only a few leaders ready for “What Comes Next” and currently have limited openings so the opportunity is there for the right leaders ready to commit to change and invest in it. Intrigued as to what it would be like to be supported on the journey? Book a Zoom with me in moments
here, let’s explore!

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Bulbs sprouting in ancient woodland in Surrey, mid-Feb 2021

“Last year I was able to take a whole lot of time in my garden. …

#OpenLeadership is the secret to linking the new way of thinking about vision, strategy and leadership to deliver on strategy over time.

Richie Porte supported Chris Froome to win the 2013 Tour de France (see video)

Professional road stage cycling is unique in that it is a team sport in which the glory goes to one individual, to a lesser exten to the team, then the other team riders are often forgotten by all other than the true cognoscenti. In 2013 Chris Froome (in the “maillot jaune” above, the yellow race leader’s jersey) won the Tour de France, yet critical to him succeeding, to him reaching his full potential, to (literally) climbing mountains, was the selfless presence supporting him of Richie Porte, riding just ahead of Froome in the photo. …

All truly authentic leadership is improvisation. Come up with the right thing to do in the moment based on experience, training, and insight.

All truly authentic leadership is improvisation
All truly authentic leadership is improvisation a leader with a strong presence not just at conferences, but in every interaction. And if you are such a leader, then every aspect of your presence — including your physical self, your intellect, your voice, and your emotions — is intimately bound up with your message.

..You can gain trust and influence by expressing your true purpose and commitment to others in a genuine way

..this type of leadership — the ability to communicate what…

enforced pause
enforced pause
My previous “enforced pause” was due to this busted tendon, here I am sitting by the water in Cayman on Feb 26, 2020. Sigh.

We have just had the four day Easter weekend, a time to pause, reflect and perhaps recharge. As for me, this was accentuated by taking a bit of a tumble while doing some work around my house. Doh! Nothing major, though wrenched my back enough that all my plans to exercise and do tasks around the house were, well, put on enforced pause.

I’d love to say I had some major epiphanies over the last few days, but mostly I’ve been taking anti-inflammatory painkillers waiting to see the osteopath later this morning.

I could stretch things by drawing some parallels…

Delete Uber Account
Delete Uber Account
from Techno Window on youtube

From today Uber drivers in the UK will be paid holiday time, automatically enrolled into a pension plan, and guaranteed to earn at least the National Living Wage.

Drivers are an essential part of our everyday lives and we are proud to be making these changes to how they earn with Uber.

Email from Uber to their UK customers on 17th March, 2021, titled “a better way of working for drivers”

The bold as brass “spin” of Uber plummeted to new depths last month when, after fighting legal initiatives by their drivers for about five years all the way to…

When you get clear on the WHY, the HOW is easy
When you get clear on the WHY, the HOW is easy

“When you get clear on the WHY, the HOW is easy” is a phrase I have used for many years, including in this post nearly two years ago, which also anchored on the phrase in the image above from the amazing “St Ex”.

I moved into my new house nearly five months ago today. A modest and simple fifty year old house, it is great for my needs and didn’t need any updates to it, yet I felt a strong need to modernise it. I also was aware that my “Why” was that I knew that until it felt “updated”…

New campaign from HISBE, rebel supermarket chain.
HISBE stands for: “How it should be”

“I don’t want to go back to the way things were, I want to go back to better

A client recently shared this phrase with me, having heard it from the teenage son of a friend. They, then I when they shared it with me, were truly inspired by this language.

As I mused on it the other day, it occurred to me that it has the subliminal effect of creating energy and momentum towards a better future. Imagine you are holding a bow and arrow. You first pull back on the bowstring, creating potential energy ready to be unleashed…

Diffusion of Innovations model

Yesterday I wrote “Are you ready to ride the Monster Waves?”, talking about the massive dispersal changes that will come out of the pandemic, and that: “Some will ride this wave, others won’t believe it is there to ride even when it stares them in the face as they sit back on the beach. Still others will wait until further down the diffusion of innovations curve and wait their time.

I realised as I wrote that post, that, though it is one of my favourite models, I had never written about it on this site in all these years of…

Tom McCallum

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